We Love Our Doctors!

We don’t need a special reason to declare our love, but since today is National Doctor’s Day, we’re making a public declaration:

We love our doctors!

We love the surgeons, cardiologists, intensivists, and anesthesiologists—like Dr. Novick and his team—who come from across the world to mend children’s broken hearts! We love these doctors who work hard and never stop learning, so they can serve children in the best way possible.

We love doctors in training, who turn their lives upside down for a few weeks at a time to have the chance to learn from some of the world’s best pediatric heart specialists. We love their dedication, curiosity, and persistence.

We love doctors like Dr. Nasir, who travelled with us to Bzebez to help families who rejected ISIS and fled to the desert. He braved brutal heat and difficult conditions to serve 56 people in a brief two-hour window—people who were deeply distressed from the trauma of displacement. Dr. Nasir listened to their symptoms of heartache, as well as their clinical symptoms.

We love doctors like Dr. Waleed, who traveled cross-country to Taza just last week to treat residents suffering the after-effects of chemical weapons. The area was so freshly bombed, the air was acrid from the chlorine and mustard gas, still burning to the eyes. But the love of his people drove Dr. Waleed  to serve regardless.

And we love the medical team we’ll be serving with in Libya again—this time next week! Our doctors and nurses will be providing lifesaving heart surgeries in a country that is falling apart at the seams. The political situation in Libya remains incredibly fluid, but these doctors and nurses still go—because they know they can make a significant difference.

Thank you doctors! We love you, and we love the way you care for a hurting world!