New Beginnings For Fallujah!

We’re pleased to announce that our most recent Remedy Mission in Fallujah went extremely well!

This was our third mission to Fallujah, and spirits are still high. Doctors and nurses are learning, children are being treated, and there’s a lot of optimism among our partners about this program.

But most importantly: we’ve seen calculable growth.

On our first mission to the city, the team worked with Dr. Firas and his staff to perform 12 procedures in 4 days. On the second mission, they did 16 procedures in 5 days. And now 16 kids in just 3 days!

That means our children-to-day ration climbed from 3 kids per day to 3.2 kids per day to now 5.3 kids per day, and that kind of progress means everything to those who have been waiting years for their chance at a lifesaving operation.

Thank you for making this kind of progress possible—maybe next mission will see 6 children saved per day!

Our Partners:

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