The Nurses We Work With Are Amazing!

A local and an international nurse pose together at a hospital in Libya.

They are highly skilled, compassionate, and patient. They work to the highest standards and create an environment that raises the bar for everyone.

They give up holidays and a predictable life at home to help to build a legacy for children living in difficult circumstances.

They come from around the world to work on the most difficult pediatric heart cases in some of the most challenging environments. 

They are nurses—we want to praise our amazing nurses today, International Nurses’ Day.

Local and international nurses stand side by side at a Libyan hospital.

They are excellent educators—they work along side local medical staff in a collaborative way, seeking to understand local conventions while passing along their knowledge and best practices.

A nurse helps a young patient blow bubbles. He lays in his hospital bed, wired to machines, yet wearing large green foam glasses, just for fun.

They do the emotionally and physically demanding work of nursing while never forgetting that our patients are kids, needing extra tenderness and patience.

Our nurses so often work with a smile, even when the work is hard.

They are interested in making a difference in places where others won’t go. They remain professional through power outages, lack of sleep, and packed schedules. They improvise solutions that work in places where supplies are lacking.

Two Libyan nurses stop their work for a minute to smile for the camera.

They work across cultures and across languages. They see the heart of each person…literally.

A nurse spends time with her patient, taking a photo with her to remember the moment.

Happy International Nurses’ Day, we’re grateful for each of you!

A nurse stands in an operating room, looking back with concern at her patient.