Old Welcomes New—Meet the Amazing Grandmothers of Northern Iraq (Kurdistan)!

Grandmothers; they’ll pinch you, they’ll squeeze you, and they’ll always hold you tight.

Our recent screening mission in Dohuk saw a constant stream of grandmothers caring for their newborn grandchild as the weary mothers rested. And for that, I salute them. They are truly fantastic women!

Grandmother and her grandchild

A Kurdish grandmother poses with her grandchild after learning the child was free of any heart defects.

A Yazidi Grandmother wraps her baby

A Kurdish Yazidi grandmother rewraps her grandchild after the child’s screening—no heart defect found!

A grandmother watches over her new grandchild

These grandmothers were incredible at caring for the newborns. This one kept her grandchild distracted during the screening.