100 farmers.

On Giving Tuesday, you helped 100 refugees become 100 farmers again.

In a day where other people were looking to give handouts and easy wins, you gave careers. You gave sustainability. You gave 100 families a brighter future that is theirs to claim and create.

When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but think about those farmers. Next summer,  they will walk through their fields filled with life. They will go out to pastures as their sheep give birth to new life. They will harvest their mushrooms with their children to sell at market.

Life is full of death and rebirth. Every winter has a spring and for these 100 families, you provided rebirth after seven long years of death and destruction.

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Every major rebirth is filled with thousands of small rebirths. If we are going to rebuild Syria together, if we are going to ensure a brighter tomorrow, it is going to take a lot of small rebirths. Every seed that grows into grain. Every sheep that gives birth to a lamb. Every spore that sprouts into a mushroom reminds us that war does not get the last word. Life does. Hope does. Peace does. That is what you gave on Giving Tuesday.

You have forever changed the trajectory of 100 families devastated by this long war.

Thank you.

It is not too late to get involved. Every new donor to Preemptive Love Coalition will have their donation matched and every new monthly sponsor will have their donation matched for the entire first year—up to $65,000. Hundreds have already committed to new life in Syria.

Join us in bringing more farmers home in 2019.