On October 1, Learn How Preemptive Love Can Change Your World

“Why do relationships break, and how do we put them back together?”

That’s the question Jeremy Courtney asks in his book, Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time.

It’s the question we ask ourselves when we can’t seem to get along with the person sitting next to us at work, when we fight with our family members late into the night, and when we see burning places like Iraq and wonder, “will this world ever be at peace?”

Releasing on October 1, Preemptive Love shows how this love came to change the lives of Jeremy Courtney and his family, how it continues to change Iraq, and how it can change you.

“I don’t think that the first response to this story should be [going] abroad,” Jeremy said in an interview. “What’s much more difficult is to learn to live at peace with your neighbor at home. There’s nothing especially romantic about that, there’s nothing that’s going to earn you headline news when you go home and make peace with your spouse, or when you call your estranged child and make peace–that’s just life.

“And that’s really what this book is about—how do you live your life with preemptive love?”

We invite you to come along and see how preemptive love can change you, your family, and your world. For more information, visit the book’s website here, or click here to pre-order your copy on Amazon.