One Step Closer To A Lifesaving Heart Surgery

Young Mohammad, still waiting for lifesaving heart surgery, stands in the hallway of the new heart center in Nasiriyah, Iraq.

Imagine your child was sick. But not just with a cold, imagine your child had a life-threatening heart defect that all the doctors told you would one day take his life. 

That’s the bad news. 

Now, imagine there was a team of doctors that knew how to save him. 

That’s the good news. 

But in order to save him, you would have to fly from wherever you are in the world to Baghdad where he wasn’t even guaranteed a lifesaving heart surgery. 

That’s more bad news. 

For Mohammed’s parents, that was the kind of decision they had to make. Their son needed a lifesaving heart surgery but the only option they had was to travel by plane and then taxi across enemy lines to a city that, in their minds, was extremely dangerous. Of course, they wanted to save their son. But would he live a longer life by just staying home? What if something happened and word got out that there were Sunnis in a Shiite city? All of a sudden, a heart defect seemed like the least of their worries. 

But they chose to take the risk. And today, Mohammed gets that chance at a lifesaving heart surgery. 

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