Our Gift To You For CHD Awareness Month!

1 in 100. Did you know those are the odds you were born with a life-threatening heart defect?

That’s why for the month of February we’re teaming up with millions all over the world to help raise awareness about congenital heart defects (CHD), the world’s most common birth defect.

Beyond awareness, we’re out to celebrate the lives of those who were able to receive the lifesaving surgery they needed and fight for those who are still waiting in line.

plc gift card

This month, if you or someone you know has experienced CHD first-hand, we want to give you our book, Preemptive Love, for FREE.

Whether you’ve survived or are still battling CHD, click here, send us your story and we’ll mail you a free copy of ours.

The book chronicles our battle against Iraq’s CHD backlog—something we’d love to share with you in honor of this month! Know someone else who has CHD? Share this page with them and we’d be thrilled to send them a book, too!