Parzheen Receives Total Correction; For Discharge from ICU Tomorrow

Parzheen went in yesterday for a total correction of four different heart problems and came through with spectacular results!

She had her breathing tube removed within a few hours and her chest tube removed just shortly after that. She will likely be sent out of the critical care unit tomorrow where we will have a few more days in the ward to enjoy her amazing smile thanks to you!

Parzheen’s lifesaving surgery was made possible because of so many of you who have partnered with us through our Monthly Lifesaver program. 

We love our campaigns and fundraising pushes, but we benefit tremendously from those of you who quietly and faithfully invest every month into children like Parzheen. We cannot always pre-select children in time to run massive fundraising campaigns in their names. We do not always have the capacity to create videos in advance of surgery. And not every child is your typical “poster child” mold. Our community of Monthly Lifesavers gives us a steady budget each month that we can rely on to plan for future training and surgery Iraq. 

Will you join our community of Monthly Lifesavers? Every bit helps. It’s the faithfulness of your monthly gift that makes this such a high-impact act of love for the children of Iraq. 

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