Peacemaker Fridays: February 26, 2016

Muslim & American documentary; Catholic-Muslim dialogue; racial reconciliation in North Carolina; and building bridges with Somali Muslims at a Minnesota middle school.

Here are the week’s best stories of people reaching across enemy lines, loving the other, and waging peace…

Islamic studies student seeks to understand, dialogue, and cultivate reconciliation
Part four of Muslim & American mini documentary series. “I could easily look at [Islmaophobia] as a problem that can’t be fixed; or I could look at it as an opportunity to learn more and educate people.”
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Christians stand with Muslims in first national Catholic-Muslim dialogue
“We are witnessing in the United States a new nativism, which the American Catholic community must reject and label for the religious bigotry which it is.”
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Leading a city toward racial reconciliation by modeling intentional, engaging love
“But perhaps this is the result of a life lived in reconciliation: a willingness to face honestly ourselves, and the world around us…They’ve learned each other’s stories, they’ve listened to one another, and they’ve grown together. From this personal place of reconciliation they are turning outward to lead their city.” 
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Minnesota middle school reaches out to Somali Muslim parents
“…the beginnings of a solution may be as simple as some person-to-person contact. ‘It’s very important to bring these communities together and have people who have false perceptions meet…'”
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