Pioneering Tikrit’s First Medical Training Mission Since Saddam’s Fall

Ten years ago Saddam fell, and everything changed in Iraq.

Not overnight in every place, of course. But it was obvious that former favorites were out of luck. Tikrit, Saddam’s hometown, was one of these favored cities that benefited under the former regime, but people here are now experiencing something like reverse discrimination as other cities to the south and north receive more patronage.

But you’re helping us change that this week. Omar, a seven year old boy, just became the first child to have his heart fixed locally, barely having to leave home.

While Omar rests, we’re sitting down with his father to hear a little more of their story. A lot of parents dream of their children becoming exceptional, but Omar’s dad is just grateful that his son will now be ‘normal.’ He can finally do things kids are supposed to do, without the risk.

Keep reading, we’ll have more updates for you from Tikrit coming soon.

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