Preemptive Love—You’ve Read It, Now Live It

You’ve read the book; you know the story—now what? Here are 10 ways for you to respond after reading Preemptive Love.

1. Donate one-time donation can help provide medical supplies to a child who needs them—or even an entire surgery!

2. Become a monthly sponsor Sign up and help save an Iraqi child every 22 hours.

3. Host an event on/off the Fall Book Tour Bring us to speak at your college,  church, or home this fall—click here so we can start planning!

4. Host a book club Write us about placing a reduced price bulk order for your book club, church group, etc., and click here to download a copy of our Reading Guide to help start your conversation.

5. Start a fundraiser Get creative, pick an amount to raise, and start saving Iraqi kids your own way. Click here to see how it works and what others have done!

plc gift card

6. Write a review on Amazon Tell us (and everyone else) what you think about the book by clicking here.

7. Share the book Pass along your copy to someone else, or buy a few more through AmazonBarnes & Noble, or iTunes for the book worms and justice-lovers in your life.

8. Spread the word Connect with us on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Flickr, and then leverage your social media savvy to influence the people in your circles.

9. Buy a shirt Wear your support on your sleeve and introduce a new conversation-starter into your wardrobe—click here to check out our different styles!

10. Drop by for a chat If you can’t afford a plane ticket to Iraq, visit us virtually through email—we’ll set up a Skype date and talk about how you want to keep saving lives.

How did you respond after finishing the book? What did we miss? Reply in the comments section below!