Raise Your Tea Glass High And Drink To Saving Lives!

A photo of Kurdish chai tea and a traditional Kurdish jamana scarf.

Kurdish Mountain Chai is a locally owned and operated business based out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Their commitment? To brew the best cup of tea you’ve ever had and to save lives while doing it.

save lives on the frontlines of war

For every pack of tea Kurdish Mountain Chai sells, a dollar goes toward another lifesaving heart surgery in Iraq.

Now, who wouldn’t toast to that?

We at Preemptive Love Coalition are partial towards charitable businesses. After all, it’s how we first started saving lives with Buy Shoes. Save Lives. back in 2007.

A pair of handmade shoes. A glass of well-brewed tea. Another business that cares. These are some of the reasons we’re able to save another life this month.

Have a charitable business idea of your own? Write us and let us know how we can partner with you!