Remedy Libya is underway!

A girl with big dark eyes sits quietly and waits for lifesaving heart surgery in Libya.

We’re at the hospital, and after a long journey we’re excited to start (also a little tired, but mostly excited!).

Can I make a confession here? I’m also a little nervous. I (Erin) have been working with Preemptive Love Coalition for months, but this is my very first medical mission. I wonder if I’ll make it through the first surgery without passing out. I worry that I won’t be able to keep up with the pace. And I’m concerned for the kids…

But excitement outweighs the worry. It’s the excitement of meeting a new group of kids, desperate for healthy hearts, that kept us moving forward through a 2am drive to the airport, dozens of security checks, multiple flights, two layovers, questionable airline food, and ridiculously expensive airport water.

Every Remedy Mission has a different flavour. Each location, team combination, and group of children with varying needs comes together to make the mission unique.

But this mission also presents a fresh set of challenges, new opportunities to serve, and a new group of children whose lives will soon be transformed.

We’re ready!

Are you?

A small boy is swaddled in blankets and held in his mother's arms. Tomorrow he is scheduled to have lifesaving heart surgery!