Remembering Our First Remedy

Mohammed Fwad 

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four months since our first Remedy Mission. When we landed in August we met 25 Kurdish and Arab children with severe heart defects. Over the past few weeks we’ve had the privilege to see those kids again, this time with WHOLE and HEALTHY hearts inside of them. 

Remember Mohammad Fwad? 

He was our last child to be taken out of ICU from the first Remedy. Not too long ago we stood alongside his mother and father, watching Mohammad recover so much slower than any of us were wanting. 

Recently we were able to stand alongside his mother again, this time being entertained by Mohammad and his new bike circling around the living room! He couldn’t be doing any better! To the side of the room was his three month old baby brother who was born the day Mohammad received his life-saving heart surgery. 

It’s late for a Thanksgiving post – we know. But how can we not still be so overjoyed and THANKFUL for these healthy boys! While we so often celebrate the moment a child enters the operating room and the moment that same child has fully recovered with a healthy heart, there are so many things that need to happen before that child even has a chance to be operated on. 

This is why we’re thankful for our staff here. 

They serve as each family’s personal advocate to fight for their child every step of the way. They help provide life-saving heart surgeries to one family at a time. Once we provide a family that, we follow up with each child until they’re fully recovered. 

Four weeks ago, my wife and I moved back to Iraq, which is where we met in 2007. Since we’ve been back we’ve had the joy to accompany our local staff to the homes and families of each child that’s been helped these past few months. They know each address by heart and the parents love our staff like we are their own. We can’t blame them. 

We’re so incredibly thankful we have these friends. We’re thankful for kids like Mohammad. We’re thankful for our local family advocates and all of our global advocates like YOU. You make this possible!