Report: Car Bombing Foiled Outside Our Partner Hospital

Young men march down the street in Tobruk, Libya

Army experts recently defused a truck-bomb in one of the Libyan cities where we’ve been invited to work and arrested the two occupants of the vehicle.

Security sources have said that the bombers’ target had been the hospital but that they had been stopped at a checkpoint near the hospital. In circumstances that are unclear they are said to have tried to abandon their vehicle in which there were alleged to be four tonnes of explosives.

Both men were chased and detained. The explosives were made safe by members of the army’s bomb disposal squad.

Terrorist groups like ISIS know what they’re doing when they attempt to destroy hospitals—this isn’t a random act of violence. A healthy Libyan population with access to safe, functional hospitals is a threat to extremists because it offers everyday Libyans with options and stability. 

As post-revolution Libya continues to struggle, many fear the country could be going down a similar path as Iraq. That’s why we believe this is a crucial time to be saving lives and waging peace in a place that desperately needs it, and we are inviting you—even urging you—to consider investing in trans-formative, life-saving work our doctors can offer on the ground.