Ritha’s Heart Only Gets Stronger The Second Day


On the second day, little Ritha continues to rest as Haydar came next to him in the ICU after another successful heart operation.

The local male nurses in the ICU gave in to Ritha and let him play with a giraffe stuffed animal. At first they told me he should be playing with something more “manly”, like a dog!

Who wants to send us over some manly toys? (They’re for the kids. We promise.) 

plc sweatshirt

Thanks to those manly ICU nurses, Ahmed’s on schedule to be out of the ICU in less in than 24 hours! Check back on Ahmed!  

Remedy Missions are international pediatric heart surgery teams that we bring to Iraq to perform lifesaving heart surgeries and develop the infrastructure for the future. This Remedy Mission is made possible by the Vice President of Iraq, Living Light International, and the International Children’s Heart Foundation. If you’re on Twitter this week be sure to use the #RemedyMission hashtag to describe all the good news coming out of Iraq via @preemptivelove and @babyheart_org. If you’re on Facebook, “Share” this story with the button below.