Saving Lives in Libya: A Glimpse Into This 4-Year-Old’s Future

There are a few kids you meet on these heart surgery missions, and it immediately gives you a glimpse into who they’ll be as adults.

Emad is that kind of kid.

We’re in Libya right now, providing lifesaving heart surgeries for children like Emad, who have no other way getting the care they need.

Emad is nearly a carbon copy of his father. Tall for his age, with adult features, it’s sometimes hard to remember that he’s just four and a half. Since he had his surgery Thursday evening, Emad’s mom spends as much time by his bedside as she can—she knows that her not-so-little boy needs her comfort.

We looked for Emad in the ICU today. But he was doing so well, he was already moved to the ward. When we found him there, he was dressed in clothes ready for home and soundly sleeping.

His mom fussed before we snapped this photo—straightening blankets and gently patting his hair. We could perfectly picture him at home being taken care of by his mom.

And that might be the very best image of a child going home. If you didn’t know Emad a few days ago, you’d be hard pressed to know he’d just had open heart surgery! He looks like a boy ready to walk into his future.

How amazing is that?!