Saving Lives in Libya: A Perfect Child, Now With a Mended Heart

Mohammad loves to spend time on his tummy. He blows raspberries, and sucks on the edge of his blanket, or whatever else might be handy. He’s a content baby—rarely cries, and when Mohammad smiles, his whole face shines.

He’s a perfect child, really. Well, apart for the fact that he was born with a serious heart defect.

We’re back in Libya, providing lifesaving heart surgeries for kids who have no other way getting the care they need.

Mohammad was the first child to get surgery when our second surgical team arrived last week. By the next day, his breathing tube was removed. He spent the weekend getting lots of sleep—recovering from heart surgery is hard work!

Today, Mohammad’s eyes are bright again. And while he’s not quite up to blowing raspberries yet, that will come… along with sucking on the edge of his blanket, and eating his favourite mashed bananas.

Mohammad’s nurse commented that he has a truly lovely personality.

You’re the reason the world gets to continue enjoying him.