Saying Goodbye to a Friend

When we met Om Hassan two years ago, she was slowly rebuilding her life after being displaced by the war with ISIS. A practical and determined woman, she hung a little sign outside her front door which said “Hassan’s Mom: Sewing for Ladies.”

Photos by Christine Anderson

Om Hassan decided the best way to support her family was to sew, and you partnered with her. You equipped her with the things she needed to make the most of her business. Sewing would allow her to use her creativity, skills she already had, and it would allow her to sit as she worked.

You see, the war in Iraq wasn’t Om Hassan’s biggest worry. She faced a war in her own body—a war against cancer.

We received news a few night ago that while she and her family survived the war in Iraq, Om Hassan lost her war against cancer.

You had a role in her final years, so we wanted you to know the legacy you helped Om Hassan leave behind.

Having a business allowed Om Hassan to provide for her family when they needed it the most. It allowed her to pass on practical skills to her children that they can carry forward into their own lives. Having a business allowed her children to build memories of their mother as strong and capable, even when she was sick. And having a business gave Om Hassan a platform to use her talents and courage. She was a cancer patient, but she was so much more.

Om Hassan lived long enough to see her hometown liberated from ISIS and her husband return to work. She saw her children return to school. She saw her oldest daughter begin her third year of nursing college.

More than anything, Om Hassan wanted to secure her children’s future. She did that. And in so many ways, you helped to make it happen.

Our hearts, our love, and our prayers are with Om Hassan’s family.