See What Noor Is Counting Down To!

Noor and her friends count down the hours until their surgery.

We all remember our firsts, don’t we? Our first time going to school. Our first time riding a bike. But do you remember what it was like right before those moments? Whether it was waiting to unwrap your new bike or try on your new shoes for the first day of school, the moments leading up to those firsts are just as memorable.

Imagine what it would be like to be waiting for your remedy, though. Imagine being able to think about all the things that would soon be possible once your heart was made strong…for the very first time!

There’s a lot of that imagining going on here in the hospital. Today, I sat on the bed of Abbas, one of the first children to be saved this Remedy Mission, and I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anyone laugh that hard while in a hospital bed! He kept smiling and kissing my hand and in between smiles and kisses I asked him about the very first thing he was going to do with his new heart once he left the hospital. Abbas said, “I’m going to run everywhere I go!” Abbas’s one day closer to being able to run – for the first time! 

Right now little Noor is counting down the hours until her heart is the one that’s made strong. I love this picture because it shows three children, with Noor in the middle, all patiently awaiting their firsts. 

If you haven’t caught how all of this is possible – it’s because of YOU! It’s because so many of you chose to donate for the first time, become a monthly sponsor for the first time or tell the stories of these children for the first time. Without those firsts – Noor wouldn’t be awaiting hers. 

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