Sinjar Is Free—Now Help Families Rebuild!

It’s finally happening!

Over a year ago, this little mountain in western Iraq caught the world’s attention. ISIS militants swept across the Nineveh plain, attempting to exterminate one of Iraq’s most persecuted minorities, the Yazidis.

Thousands escaped up Mount Sinjar and became stranded there, surrounded by ISIS forces.

The story of this mountain over the past year should be made into a movie. The heroism and tragedy, the political intrigue and betrayal could keep your DVR busy for days—and you are a part of the story! You have brought hope to thousands in their displacement.

You are actively, right now, today supporting Yazidi families across Iraq. You helped pick them up and showed families they are not forgotten.

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Now, as their homeland is being liberated, many Yazidis still plan to go back. They know the risks, and they know what it means to be friendless and surrounded by enemies…but they’re going back anyway.

Home is home.

As one returning Yazidi farmer put it, “This farm is how I show ISIS they haven’t won.”

Will you help them rebuild? Anyone brave enough to begin rebuilding their life now deserves our support! Donate below to help families start again.

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Yazidi boys from Sinjar pose in their tent