Six Ways You Stepped In To Love Iraqi Children In 2013!

We promised you an exciting year in Iraq, and what an exciting year it was!

Your support provided heart surgeries for 400 children and helped us serve our 700th child in 2013! That’s double the number of lives we impacted in our first five years combined. Seven hundred stories of preemptive love shared widely across tribes, ethnicities, and borders—thanks to your generosity!

Your support helped us complete our headline-making Remedy Fellowship. In addition to the 300+ heart surgeries, you gave an estimated 14,000 hours of training to doctors and nurses that they could not have received otherwise.

Your support made us the first team of its kind in Saddam Hussein’s hometown. With your help, we resuscitated a dying cardiac program for children and provided for those who have been the most marginalized by his ouster and death.

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Your support allowed us to return to the site of our very first Remedy Mission and we are happy to report that the local team is making enormous strides, saving lives and caring for children without our help!

Your support fueled the publication and nationwide release of our new book, Preemptive Love: Pursuing Peace One Heart at a Time. What was once a dream in our hearts is now a story read by thousands across the country and the world!

And your support helped us complete the largest matching grant in our history and in the history of our partner, One Day’s Wages. Hundreds of children in Iraq will now receive treatment in 2014 because of your generosity!

With your continued generosity, this lifesaving momentum will continue into 2014. Doctors in Iraq have asked for another year of Remedy Fellowship so they can save the lives of another 300+ children and receive even more training! Government officials have asked PLC to expand our portfolio of services beyond heart surgery and we are currently looking into how to meet the needs of the people of Fallujah as the city again occupies world headlines.

We need your support again today to continue saving lives, to respond to these new needs across Iraq and to continue to grow into the responsive organization that Iraqis are asking us to be.

Please help us start off the year strongly with a gift for the children of Iraq by sending a check or giving online here.