A Sneak Peek at Your Latest Heart-Mending Work in Iraq


A couple of weeks ago, you sent a team of cardiac surgeons and specialists to the historic Iraqi city of Karbala.

Since their arrival, the team has been hard at work—performing heart surgeries and training local doctors to do complex cardiac procedures so that hearts can be healed long after they fly home.

Families are finding hope, and children like baby Warda are getting a new lease on life because of these doctor’s hard work and skilled hands.

Warda came out of surgery with a freshly mended heart and was greeted by her dad who has a fresh sense of relief, knowing that his baby girl is going to live.

We have so many stories to share with you about the brave little humans who underwent surgery over the last couple of weeks.

But for now, on behalf of these kids and their families—and the hundreds more who can now undergo life-saving surgeries in their own country—we wanted to take a moment to thank you for healing hearts and unmaking violence.