Still Standing with You, Afghanistan.

Imagine having to sell one child in order to save another.
Imagine being arrested for walking alone outside.
Imagine being so hungry that boiled grass is a feast.
Imagine a life without hope for the future, a life where you feel you have lost yourself.

This is life for too many in Afghanistan.

The economy has collapsed.
Women can no longer go to secondary school or university.
There are few jobs.
Restaurants, coffee houses, and shops have closed.
And 95% of families go hungry.

For those of you who cannot go to school,
For those of you who cannot walk freely,
For those of you who have no music, entertainment, or joy,
For those of you so hungry, you are willing to sell a kidney,
We see you.

We’re here.
Giving much-needed food baskets.
Preparing traditional blankets to withstand one of the coldest winters in a decade.
Funding primary school education.

We can’t change the political situation.
But we can stand with you.