Stop the Spread of Violence

Today’s world is rooted in a culture of violence. Violence sells. Violence makes money. Wielded violence gains power. Violence feeds ego. For every $1,885 the US spends on its military budget, only $1 is spent on conflict prevention. That’s $1,885 of bombs, guns, ammunition, and training. That’s $1,885 of fueling current conflict instead of preventing it. 

“When I registered for the course, I expected to get some good information and maybe some techniques. What I received were thoughts and ideas that pushed me to change how I was approaching the world and to seek a better way. I learned that I must first change if I want to bring change; to bring peace, I must seek and be at peace myself. This continues to echo within me in the weeks that have followed.”

Carolyn, “Stop the Spread of Violence” course participant

Changing the Ideas that Lead to Violence

We have curated a course called “Stop the Spread of Violence”  to give people the tools they need to live a nonviolent life. From recognizing how your seemingly innocuous actions contribute to violence to taking an internal inventory of your relationships and community actions, this series of six weekly workshops helps you become more aware of the latent violence in your actions, more mindful in your relationships, and more intentionally supportive of your community. While nonviolence may sound like a passive response to injustice, it is actually a powerful response to the presence of injustice and violence.

Does Nonviolence Really Work?

In this workshop series, you will learn strategies on how to stand up for the rights of marginalized groups and how the nonviolence approach has worked throughout history. 

Is Nonviolence Practical?

“Stop the spread of Violence” teaches practical ways to build peace and end violence in your thoughts and in your personal and professional relationships. You’ll  learn how to approach polarizing situations nonviolently to reach reconciliation. This workshop will teach you how to fight FOR justice, instead of fighting AGAINST people.

“I found this content to be a call not just for self-examination but for action. A reminder to think before I speak. Will my words build a stronger connection? Do I show empathy?  …Console rather than to be consoled? Sowing hope where there is despair? I am so grateful for this course.”

Bobbie, “Stop the Spread of Violence” course participant

Does Nonviolence Lead to Peace?

In these polarizing times, we are often called upon to pick a side. Often, our reflex is to pick our side as a means of self-preservation, but the “Stop the Spread of Violence” course shows there is another way: nonviolence. This course gives people the tools they need to love their opponents and features current-day examples to use as roadmaps. Choosing to love our opponents is how we demonstrate love for ourselves. 

You Can Start Learning How to Lead a Nonviolent Life Right Now!

Find a quiet corner, grab your journal or use the notepad app on your phone, and give yourself ten minutes to answer the following questions.

What types of objections have you had to nonviolence? Why do you think this is? 

When you hear that nonviolence is not passive, how do you feel?

How connected are you to your greater community? 

Think of an opponent to whom you’d like to demonstrate greater love. List three actions you could take to show this love.

If you’d like to discuss your answers, process, or reflections, we are just an email away. Reach out to us at and one of us will get back to you. We love connecting over email or Zoom, whichever you prefer. If you want to explore how nonviolence can become a mainstay in your life, email us today to join our waitlist for the next “Stop the Spread of Violence” six-week course or to learn about our other programming. Joining our community of peacemakers is a perfect way to set a nonviolent intention for the new year.