ISIS Attacks Kill 9 in Mosul Neighborhoods Where You’re Providing Food and Medical Care

From Rudaw Media Network: 

Two suicide bombings have struck the left bank [eastern side] of Mosul, killing at least nine, including an Iraqi army officer, and injuring others, an intelligence source with the Iraqi army told Rudaw.

The first suicide bomber detonated a suicide belt inside a restaurant in the city’s Zahur district.

The second explosion was a car bomb that blew up near an Iraqi army position in the city’s Noor neighborhood.

A travel ban has now been imposed in both neighborhoods, which are located in northeast Mosul.

There’s a lot of death in Mosul. Much of the city remains under ISIS control—and as today’s tragedy proves, even parts of the city that are “liberated” are still vulnerable to ISIS attacks.

But that’s exactly where you’re showing up.

You’ve brought food to thousands of families in the newly liberated parts of Mosul, going where other aid organizations will not go. You’ve risked ISIS mortars, bomb-carrying drones, and sniper fire to show up for families caught in the crossfire. You’re refurbishing medical clinics in eastern Mosul, not far from today’s attacks.

With you, we’ll keep showing up for families on the front lines. First in, last to leave.

  Give food and medical care for families on the front lines in Mosul.

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Rudaw contributed to those post.