Syria Update: Besieged Families Have Food This Week Because of You

Last week, we told you about families on the brink of starvation in Syria’s heartland. Several children had already died, and according to one estimate, 1,100 more were at risk.

Families have been under siege for more than five years—and to cope, they’re now having to skip at least one meal every day.

You showed up.

This part of Syria is notoriously hard to access. Very little humanitarian aid has been able to get through the blockade. But with the help of local friends, we found a way in.

Two days ago, we began distributing bread, made at a local bakery, to thousands of hungry families. In total, we plan to reach more than 13,000 people with fresh bread, distributed every two days for the next month.

Your love is helping families hold on in some of the most difficult, dire circumstances imaginable.

“I have 5 children crying from hunger,” said one father as he received a bag of bread. “I only have 500 Syrian pounds [about $1]. The price of one bag of bread is 2,000 Syrian pounds [about $4]. So you can imagine how I feel—and how my children feel—when I enter the house with bread in my hands.”


The international news has largely moved on from Syria. The headlines have moved on. But your love is still here, still on the ground, still saving lives.

We’ll continue to show up. We won’t look away. Thank you for standing with the people of Syria, for showing them they are not forgotten or alone.

Stay tuned for more updates.