Syria Delivery Complete: Thousands Fleeing War Now Have Food, Thanks to You

Your Syria delivery was a success!

As the world looked on, unsure how to respond or, in some cases, what Aleppo even is, you showed up with help and goodwill, just outside the besieged, battered city of Aleppo, Syria.

Our delivery teams arrived on the scene with boxes full of food for families. Each time the trucks pulled up, they were surrounded by hungry women, children, and men—young and old.

Stop a moment and consider what you just did.

650 large food parcels, enough to feed thousands. People who had nothing now have food to eat. What’s more, they have food they are actually able to eat.

Rather than bringing bags of rice or flour, our team delivered canned food, because many families have no way to cook their food. In addition to canned goods and bread, this delivery included simple essentials like candles for light and warmth, towels, and soap to keep clean.

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Most of these families come from an underserved, often neglected community in Syria. Reaching them is neither easy nor safe. You are one of only a few who are serving in this part of Aleppo, and we know serving people others won’t is in your heart.

You did it in Fallujah.

You did it in Benghazi.

And now you’re doing it in Syria. In so many places like these, you’re one of the first to show up, and one of the last to leave. It’s just who you are—it’s who we are.

This mission was a success! But now we prepare for what comes next: serving and working alongside more people across Syria who need an advocate. Ceasefires are failing. Supplies have run out. Winter is coming.

Let’s press in, do more, serve more.

Help us make sure Syrian families continue to receive food, bedding, clothing, and other essentials.

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