Syrian Boy Finding His Voice in a Refugee Camp

Abdo is a kid just like any other—he loves fried chicken, singing, football, and basketball. But in October 2014, Abdo and his family fled the war in Syria and landed at a refugee camp in Iraq. A few months later, Abdo started attending the Friendly Center, a place inside the refugee camp to protect kids and help them heal from trauma.

He was drawn in by the activities the center offered, particularly soccer and Arabic and English classes.

Many of Abdo’s dreams focus on his beloved Syria. He wants to be a doctor so he can “go back to Syria and work to reduce people’s pain.” He wants “the children of Syria to live in peace, for all the mines to be removed so they can play.”


Abdo also wants to plant a big garden in Syria, big enough for everyone to enjoy. He remembers, “We had a garden in our town that I used to go to… it was nice. We used to go to the market and people were selling vegetables and fruits. I loved that.”

And he wants other Syrian kids to get an education, for them to love school the way he does.

Recently, Abdo participated in a competition, on International Day of Children. Kids at the Friendly Center sang songs.

Abdo loves to sing and he was excited to share his talent with others in the camp. At the competition, people were so impressed by Abdo’s voice that they started inviting him to events; he’s now known throughout the camp for his singing ability.

Abdo is proud of his singing and grateful that the Friendly Center is providing a way for him to use his voice, and for his family to see him shine.

Dream a better world alongside kids like Abdo.