You Were Less Than 10 Miles From the Mosul Front Lines. That’s Exactly Where You Were Needed.

This week you showed up exactly where you were needed the most: less than 10 miles (15 km) from the front lines with ISIS.

You brought generous food packages to families who were hungry, and a listening ear to those who wondered why it took so long for help to come.

When we pulled into the village on Tuesday and parked on the dusty main street, we were in the very place where ISIS ruled just two days earlier. The families we met with still had a hard time believing they were free. It seemed too good to be true!

Their village used to be prosperous, nicknamed “Dubai” by residents of the surrounding area. But more than two years of ISIS rule had taken a toll. There was no work, no money for the scarce food available, and little hope that change would ever come.

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Change did come earlier this week, though, when the Iraqi army advanced, on their drive toward Mosul. ISIS fighters abandoned the village, retreating to the larger city they are fighting hard to hang onto. Unlike so many other villages in the Mosul corridor, the militants didn’t cause terrible destruction here as they left—one morning they were simply gone.

You rolled into town right behind the Iraqi Army, with three trucks loaded with aid. You made sure that 800 families got the food they need while they regroup and make plans for the days ahead.


Then yesterday, you did it again.

You served three hundred more families who were experiencing their second day of freedom. These families fled their homes to find safety, and found you there, with the food they were desperate for—flour and rice, lentils and oil, tea and sugar. You brought the staples that are feeding their families right now!

We are excited to share more stories from these strong, courageous families. But right now, we wanted you to know that we’re pressing on toward Mosul, into real places of need—together.

Stand with the families of Mosul. Every $65 you give can provide a month’s supply of food for a family on the run from ISIS.

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