10x More Help For Aleppo Families

Recently we shared how your amazing generosity allowed us to double our emergency response in and around Aleppo. That was true…until now.

As of this week, we’re increasing our Aleppo response by a factor of ten.

In addition to extending our emergency feeding program through January (at least), providing hot meals for as many as 25,000 people per day, our response now includes:

  • Establishing a bakery to supplement daily meals with bread AND create jobs for 20 displaced and vulnerable women. This bakery will replace a previous third-party bread supplier at a fraction of the cost—making your donation go further to help even more people.

  • Preparing long-lasting food packets for 35,000 people. Each food packet is designed to last 2-4 weeks, depending on each family’s unique situation.

  • Providing 5 new ambulances and 5 mobile medical clinics to meet the urgent medical needs of displaced families. These clinics, converted from old shipping containers, will treat wounded children, provide prenatal care for pregnant mothers, and save lives in the city of Aleppo and the surrounding countryside.

  • Repairing and winterizing homes for 50 families returning to eastern Aleppo. Years of war have reduced much of the city to rubble. According to some reports, not a single  building was left untouched. Before families can return and begin the long process of rebuilding, they need at least one room in which to stay—a space that is warm, safe and secure. Our team conducted an assessment last week in preparation to make repairs to damaged homes. We’ll repair one room in each home, providing doors, locks and windows—as well as a working toilet and kitchen.

  • Distributing sleeping bags to families returning to eastern Aleppo. These families are coming back to homes that are damaged or completely destroyed. Sleeping bags will provide vital warmth as winter sets in over Syria.

This is only the beginning of our response in and around Aleppo. It’s only the beginning of what you’ve made possible. We’re also mobilizing to bring emergency aid to families in active conflict areas, to ensure they have the food they need to survive.

We are committed to the families of Aleppo. In nearly ten years of serving in the Middle East, we’ve never invested as much in one month as we have in this emergency response.

You gave fleeing families food to eat. You gave them shelter to keep warm. You’re giving them access to medical care—for many of them, it will be the first time they’ve received care in months. You’re making sure they have homes to return to.

The people of Aleppo know they are not forgotten or alone—because of you. Thank you for standing with them.

Provide food, shelter, and jobs for families in Syria.

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