The Hope, Dream & Imagination Behind A Photo (And How It Affects You!)

Hussain and his mother waiting in the children's ward during Remedy Mission VII.

When we walk into another Remedy Mission, we’re not just walking into a hospital, we’re walking into the lives of families, children and new doctors and nurses who have come from all over Iraq to receive training. And that’s why we’re on the ground for each mission in Iraq – because we don’t want to miss out on the lives of those you’re impacting.

Today our photographer, Lydia, sat down with a mother and her son, Hussein, (pictured above) and asked her if she could take his photo. She said, “Please take as many photos of my son as you want so that you can tell others how important it is for these teams to come here.” Her hope behind this photo was that others would see it and see the impact that they can make by supporting these missions.

What continues to amaze me about the families we’re meeting this Remedy Mission is how every single one of them recognize that these missions don’t just happen on their own. They know that doctors and nurses from all over the world don’t just hop on a plane and show up in Iraq. Remedy Missions don’t just randomly pop up all over their country. They know there’s a community behind each mission and they know a lot goes into each one. 

Many donate their time volunteering so that missions can continue to come to Iraq. Many give sacrificially so that money is never the reason children can’t receive a remedy. Many help spread the word about children like Hussein who are born with heart defects and MANY are taking action this week to save his life. 

Hussein’s mother understands the impact of an image. She understands it because she understands the impact one individual can make. You continue to remind us of that every day. 

So start posting, tweeting, and telling your friends about this week’s Remedy Mission — let’s see what kind of impact we can make!