The Kurds—8 Photos That Show Off Iraqi Kurdistan’s Beauty

As Kurds in Iraq make national headlines, we’re taking a few days to give you a more intimate look at these people, their culture, and the reasons this small crescent of land could play such an important role in determining Iraq’s future. If you missed it, see an extremely brief overview of Kurdish history and our involvement with Iraqi Kurdistan here.

The falls of Ahmed Awa in the region of Hewraman on the Iran-Iraq border.

Lake Dukan at sunset

Lake Dukan at sunset.

Standing atop Sara Mountain, Kurdistan

As most of the region is in the Zagros Mountain range, Iraqi Kurdistan is at a higher elevation and is therefore more temperate than the rest of Iraq.

Duhok, Kurdistan, at dusk

The northern city of Duhok at dusk.

Photo of clouds spilling over mountains near Chamchammal

Clouds spill over the mountains near Chamchammal.

The mountains in Mawet, Kurdistan

For a few weeks each spring the region is covered with green grass and flowers, making it the most popular time of year for locals and tourists alike.


For a quick refresher on Kurdish history, click here. And come back tomorrow to read more about Kurdistan in the news, the challenges it will face, and how that affects our work serving children here!