The Mobile Photo Booth: Why Can’t All Hospitals Be This Fun?

Lydia Bullock making silly faces for the camera with two kids from Remedy Mission VII.

As the PLC photographer, my job breaks down like this: 98% smiling kids, 2% me clicking the shutter, right?

Cody Fisher flashes a HUGE smile for the camera at Remedy Mission VII.

But since I spend a lot of time with the kids and staff, I’m always looking for ways to make their days at the hospital a little less hospital-y.

An Iraqi girl shows off her smiley-face and mustache for the camera.

After a few hours with some cardboard and a sharpie, the “Mobile Photo Booth” was born!

With props in hand, ICHF volunteer medical trainers post for a photo.

I spent the last couple days walking around the hospital handing kids and nurses their secret identities!

An Iraqi nurse shows off her oldschool 70s (cardboard) spectacles.

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An ICHF staff member makes a silly face for the camera.

Jack from ICHF's surgical training team leans in for a shot in our mobile photobooth.