The Secret Ingredient to Make Peace Talks Work

Women have been missing from most peace talks, and we all pay a price.

Fifteen years ago the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1325. This resolution affirmed the importance of the equal participation of women for maintaining global peace and security.

A new implementation study released by the UN not only reaffirms the conclusion that the inclusion of women is vital to achieve peace, but goes farther to address many of the gaps contained in the original report. 

In an interview with CBS News, UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka explained, “Women do not start wars, so when they are coming into the peace table, they are not there to settle a score with their enemy, they are there in the first instance because they want a ceasefire, they want access to humanitarian services for all, they want a break for their children to go to school, and they want their country to be constructed.”

“So who did what and how many points you must gain, that is not their starting point. Their starting point is ‘stop the war,”‘ Mlambo-Ngcuka said.

The study sites extensive research to show that “women’s participation boosts humanitarian assistance, strengthens the protection efforts of peacekeepers, enables the conclusion and sustainability of peace agreements, and facilitates economic recovery after conflict.

In the 40 case studies, the report says, there was not a single instance in which organized women’s groups had a negative impact on a peace process.

The other conclusion the study reaches is that when women participate, there is a deepened peace dividend with an impact on post-conflict peace building.” -Pamela Falk for CBS News.

We know the difference that full inclusion makes. We are committed to supporting women in conflict zones make changes in their lives and communities through seeking out women’s voices, working with strong local women as partners, and empowering vulnerable women through small business grants

When you give to these efforts, you wage peace with some of the most effective means possible. Thank you!