There’s Only One Thing to Say (But Many Ways to Say It)

Thank you.

That’s it. That’s what we wanted to share with you today.  

For all you gave, for all you made possible in 2020. For all the hope you kindled in such a hard year.  

save lives on the frontlines of war

But we wanted you to hear it, not just in the words written here, but from the team at Preemptive Love who turned your generosity into food, medicine, and jobs—to stop the spread of violence. Our Program team, 34 people strong and spread across 8 countries, is working every day to serve the vulnerable and oppressed. To unmake violence. To remake our world. 

And it is only possible because of you. 

If you donated—and especially if you are a monthly donor—it’s more than just money you gave last year. It’s the possibility of peace. It’s the hope of a better future. 

We couldn’t do it without you. Wouldn’t want to.

Thank you.