They Are Our Own Flesh and Blood

It is a painful truth that Christians and ancient Christian communities are being persecuted in Iraq by ISIS. It is an important story for the world to know.

It is also true that this has been emotionally devastating for many Muslims. This story is rarely told.

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“The Christians have done nothing wrong. They haven’t hurt a soul. On the contrary, they are peaceful people, who love all sects. They are honorable people, with high moral values. They always maintain their sense of justice. We stand a hundred percent in solidarity with them.”

Yesterday we received photos of preparations in full swing for a children’s Easter party for a Christian community in a hard-hit city. The church’s normal celebrations are subdued this year—they are in mourning because so many members of this community have been killed by ISIS.

But this celebration–packed with activities for kids, trauma counselling and relief aid for families–was spearheaded by a caring Muslim.

This story is equally important to tell.

The Christian communities we serve are overdue for an opportunity to celebrate.