This Month, Celebrate The 300th Child You’ve Impacted!

A photo collage showing Hussain, Deeya, Nivar, and Kadeeja - 4 of our most well-known children.

Amazed. Inspired. Grateful. That’s how your generosity makes us feel.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the hundreds of children you’ve impacted these past 5 years—like Nivar, Kadeeja, Deeya, and Hussain. Better yet, ask their parents, their school teachers, or their brothers and sisters.

It’s true—in 2012 you’ve helped us save more children in more places than ever before by bringing our Remedy Missions to 5 different cities across Iraq. You’ve helped us launch Remedy Fellowship, the #1 surgical training program in Iraq, providing thousands of hours of essential training for Iraq’s doctors. You’ve helped us save children who were on the brink of death and others who were diagnosed as “untreatable.”

These are your accomplishments. These are real children that you helped save.

And it’s those accomplishments that are leading us to our 300th operation this December!

It’s going to be a beautiful month in Iraq; not just because of what you’ve already done but because of what we have the opportunity to do next.

This Christmas, we’re celebrating the 300 total operations we’ve provided by saving another 300 lives!

Next year we will have the opportunity to double our total surgeries, but we need your help this month to make it happen!

So, to celebrate the exponential ways in which you’re saving lives, we’re asking for your help to provide the lifesaving sutures, heart patches, and medicines that we need to save the next 300 children.

Please click here to provide these children with the lifesaving heart patches and medicine they need.

Will you act today and help us save hundreds more in the coming months? Just click here now.

P.S. – Our required medical supplies range from as little as $9 to $1,000. And you can be sure your gift makes a difference, because each gift can save a life! They’re the perfect way to honor a loved one, friend, or co-worker this Christmas!

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