This Morning, Our First Two Children Checked Out Of The Hospital With Healthy Hearts Thanks To Mending Kids International!

We exist to be an alliance for good.

Every heart surgery, every relationship, and every step we take towards developing the health care of Iraq is only made possible because of those standing alongside us.

One of those organizations that we LOVE being able to work with is Mending Kids International.

Mending Kids International provides life-changing surgical care to children worldwide. In the past five years, they have helped provide over 500 life-saving surgeries for children in 39 different countries!

To see the beautiful story of one of those children, Berhanu from Ethiopia, click HERE.

This week we are proud to have Mending Kids International stand alongside us as they made it possible for us to save the lives of JafarMohammed, and Yasna.

This morning we got to see two of those children, Jafar and Mohammed, check out of the hospital with healthy hearts! 

Hope. Love. Mend.

That’s what Mending Kids International continues to do and we’re incredibly grateful for the hope, love, and mended hearts that were given to Jafar, Mohammed, and Yasna’s families and communities this week!

We love that they’re a part of the Coalition!

You can join Jafar, Mohammed, and Yasna by thanking Mending Kids International on Facebook by clicking HERE!

If you’re on Twitter this week be sure to use the #RemedyMission hashtag to describe all the good news coming out of Iraq this week via @preemptivelove.