UPDATE: Refugee Students Are Back in Class Today

On Thursday night, we came to you with an unusual and urgent request.

We were days away from opening two new WorkWell locations in Iraq. Days away from welcoming hundreds of refugee students to the first day of their future.

We’d found two fully equipped buildings. We had agreed to terms with the owners. And we were gearing up for the first day of class.

Then the building owners doubled the rent at the last minute. Not only did this mean losing the space we’d planned on using; it mean losing the equipment our students were counting on using to learn new skills and launch their freelance careers.  

So we did the best thing we know to do: we turned to our friends (you) for help.

Hundreds of you responded, donating to provide new equipment—computers, desks, chairs.

Because of this amazing generosity, our refugee friends at one WorkWell location were able to begin classes, and students at the other location are just days away from starting!

If you gave last week, thank you for making this happen! Don’t forget to check your email for more details on what you’ve made possible.

If you haven’t given yet, you still have an opportunity to stand with our refugee friends as they begin classes at WorkWell—donate below to invest in their future.