Volunteer Shortage: We Need Your Help in Houston

It’s hard to have Christmas without a home. And it’s hard to be merry when you feel forgotten.

That’s why we need you to show up for the people of Houston—not with your money this time, but in person.

We need volunteers in Houston on December 14-18 to help get as many families as possible back in their homes before Christmas.

When Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston, you responded to make sure displaced families had what they needed. Many of you even raised your hands to volunteer to help clean out and repair flooded houses. Since then, you’ve help rebuild so many homes—and lives—in Houston.

It’s been nearly three months since Harvey. The news cameras have moved on. Most of the volunteers have had to move on. And the rest of the world moved on with them.

But families affected by the storm cannot move on.

Many of them are still displaced. They’re looking ahead to holidays spent in hotel rooms, tents, and broke-down homes that are missing sheetrock, flooring, and working appliances. Instead of making Christmas cookies, they’re stuck dealing with water damage, the pervasive health hazard of mold and other contaminants in their homes, and a never-ending list of repairs.

It’s the opposite of Christmasy.

You can write a different story for them. A story of hope and celebration. One of families feeling loved and valued. Of kids waking up at home on Christmas morning after three long months of displacement.

We know this is a lot to ask. We know this is a difficult time of year to drop everything, pick up a hammer, and come to Houston. But you’ve always been first in and last to leave.

You don’t need any particular set of skills to come and help—this is an all-hands-on-deck situation. Whether you can volunteer for a day, or for all four, we need you. Houston needs you.

Help get these families home by Christmas.

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