We just called Hussain’s dad!

Hussain reaches for his concerned father

PLC: “The last time we saw you was after your son’s diagnosis (pictured). How are you? How is Hussain?”

Dad: “We are well, Hussain’s health is stable, praise God. We are very happy for the opportunity to get surgery for our boy. We believe it is a gift from God, and you are his tool.”

PLC: “How long have you looked for surgery for Hussain?”

Dad:“Over a year. At first were trying to get medical help from Iraqi hospitals or from another country, but neither worked.”


PLC: “And how does Hussain feel about getting surgery?”

Dad: “Oh he is very excited. Every day he points at his chest and smiles saying ‘I’m getting a new heart.’ He also asks ‘when are they going to come to operate on me?'”


You can help us answer that last question. We hope to give Hussain his operation at the end of this month, but we need your help bringing the doctors back. P.S.—We’re half way toward reaching our financial goal for Hussain! Help us ensure surgery for him by donating here.