We Lost a Precious Boy Named Adnan Last Night

A few hours ago we lost Adnan, a sweet, 4-year-old boy who had finally gotten his chance at life. 

Most families we serve on these missions have been told at one point or another that the only way for them to save their child is to go overseas. For almost every single one of those families, going overseas isn’t an option because of the high costs. Going overseas would cost a family tens of thousands of dollars, but somehow Adnan’s family was able to come up with the money they needed. 

With their tickets abroad, a lifesaving surgery for Adnan was within reach. 

They made the leap, but were quickly on the return flight to Iraq after doctors took one look at Adnan and turned him away. 

Adnan was too much of a risk. They didn’t want to touch him. 

With Remedy Mission XIX coming soon to their city, Adnan’s family was told he might have another chance. It would cost the family nothing and it could potentially give them all they’ve wanted—a strong heart for their boy. 

Adnan was screened by the cardiologist and all the same risks were there. It was the family’s turn to choose what they wanted to do. 

“We just want someone to try,” his dad said. 

So we did. With Adnan’s health rapidly failing, the family wanted to know that they tried and gave everything for their son. 

save lives on the frontlines of war

Adnan’s heart had a cluster of defects, and more anomalies appeared during the surgery. The operation accomplished what it was supposed to accomplish and he was moved to the ICU, only to be rushed back into the OR when his heart patch blew two days later. 

Last night, a few hours after his second operation, we lost Adnan. 

He was surrounded by the entire ICU team and his family who had waited so long for someone who was willing to try. 

None of us want children to die, but when it happens, we want to give them all the dignity, love and care that we can possibly give. Last night that happened.

The true health of a heart center isn’t just shown by their ability to mend physical hearts, but to love. To love in the saving and in the losing. 

Adnan was loved well and that meant everything to his family—and to us. Thank you for choosing to love children like Adnan with us, in the saving and in the losing.

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