We’re About To Launch Our Fourth Remedy Mission In Iraq!


The ICHF medical team and children who are hoping to receive life-saving heart surgeries over the next two weeks are all making their way to the local hospital to launch our FOURTH Remedy Mission in Iraq!

While Iraq is all over the headlines today for protests and rage directed towards the lack of jobs, utilities, and corruption – there are thousands of families in northern Iraq who are still fighting for their children’s lives and for better healthcare for those who were born with congenital heart disease.

Instead of taking to the streets these next two weeks, our “protest” will take place in the quiet operating room where hearts will be mended and doctors and nurses will be receiving training and education.

Instead of fiery speeches on bullhorns, nurses in the ICU will receive careful instructions on how to properly take care of children after open heart surgery.

Instead of holding signs we will be holding the hands of children in the hospital ward as they patiently wait for surgery.

Instead of only hoping for change, we will see children’s hearts changed overnight!

Remedy Missions continue to gain momentum throughout Iraq, thanks to YOU!

Stay tuned! Another one starts NOW!

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