We’re Already Plotting Our Way Back To Hamma

We had to say goodbye to baby Hamma and his mother.

We didn’t want to.

We didn’t want to say goodbye because his big brown eyes and his mother’s smile drew us in from the moment we met them.

Another reason we didn’t want to say goodbye is because Hamma never received the surgery he needed to patch the hole in his heart.

He was scheduled to receive surgery but was delayed three different times.On the fourth time, the Intensive Care Unit had no more beds open for children and by the time a bed opened up, there wasn’t enough time to operate on Hamma.

Remedy was already coming to a close.

So after waiting ten days in the hospital for surgery, Hamma and his mother had to go home without a remedy.

It’s eerie to walk through the hospital ward now and see entire rooms that were packed with families, now empty and vacant because once we leave, the Remedy Mission comes to an end.

That breaks our hearts.

As long as there are children with heart disease, they should be in the hospital getting treated. In southern Iraq, it doesn’t work that way because the doctors and nurses don’t have the skills they need to take care of all the children with heart disease.

One day they will. That’s what Remedy Missions are all about.

We told Hamma’s mother that we would be back in May and that Hamma is one of the first babies that the doctors want to operate on.

So we’re standing up for Hamma!

When you order our new tank, 100% of the profit goes toward bringing Remedy back to Hamma! All we have to do is sell 59 to give Hamma his life-saving surgery and to take one step closer toward not just bringing Remedy back to southern Iraq, but to LEAVING it there!

Some tanks blow holes in stuff. This tank patches the hole in a heart. Stand up for Hamma!

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