We’re Counting Down to Our Biggest Remedy Mission Yet!

Rokya smiles up at the camera while waiting for her surgery.

Are you ready for the last Remedy Mission of 2011?

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Just this year you saved the lives of 72 children and helped us log thousands of hours of training for local doctors and nurses, and we’re topping it all off with our seventh and biggest surgical mission to date! But 72 children is nothing compared to what we’ve got planned for 2012.

New opportunities have opened up that will allow us to save the lives of over 400 children next year. 400! That’s over 5 and a half times the amount of children we’ll have helped in 2011, and it’s nearly 3 times the amount of children we’ve helped in our entire existence! 

To prepare for such a productive year, we’re taking a semi-hiatus from blogging until the beginning of the November 6th Remedy Mission. We’ll be back, though, so keep an eye on the clock and get excited, because as soon as it hits “0” it’s go-time!