We’re Kicking Off Our Third Remedy Mission!

Today we were welcomed back to southern Iraq by the entire team of local doctors!

As they were welcoming back their teachers and mentors from the first Remedy Mission, one doctor said, “We are trying to give you honorary Iraqi citizenship so you never have to leave again!”

It’s a fun thought to think about them staying here but what’s more exciting is thinking about the day when foreign medical teams are no longer needed to come alongside the pediatric heart centers of Iraq.

All we know is that we may be just one Remedy Mission closer to that reality!

Valentine’s Day may not be the most romantic in Iraq but today it couldn’t have been more meaningful. No chocolate hearts or cupids, instead what was being passed around the room were medical reports as the ICHF surgical team sat down with local doctors and cardiologists and mapped out the next two weeks of surgeries!

The children on the top of the list were the ones they had to turn away from our first Remedy Mission in southern Iraq, simply because they ran out of hours in the day.

We’re all eagerly awaiting these next two weeks as tomorrow we will witness the first of over 20 life-saving operations and the first of thousands of hours of training given to the local Iraqi medical team.

Stay with us as we start our third Remedy Mission!