We’re Launching The #1 Surgical Training Program In All Of Iraq!

It seems fitting that all of this starts with a little boy named Haydar.

Haydar means “lion” in Arabic and when the local doctors in Nasiriyah, Iraq sent us a list of 500 children that they wanted to save during the Remedy Fellowship, Haydar was sitting at the top of the list.

And so the #1 surgical training program in all of Iraq—Remedy Fellowship—is set to begin in just a few hours with a lifesaving operation for Haydar!

Haydar will be followed by hundreds more in the coming months as the Remedy Fellowship provides 47 weeks of lifesaving surgery and training to doctors and nurses from all over Iraq.

But before we begin by saving Haydar, I want to thank you, because I know that all of this began with you.

sisterhood soap

It began with us telling you how we have the incredible opportunity to partner with Iraq and save hundreds of lives while giving the Nasiriyah Heart Center their best chance at becoming a sustainable and enduring local solution for children all over Iraq who have been born with heart defects.

Then you joined us. You donated your hard-earned money and you used your voice to ensure that the people of Iraq were given this opportunity.

And it worked—you’ve given us everything we need to launch the Fellowship today!

It’s made all the difference for Haydar.

Thank you!

Our Partners:
Living Light InternationalInternational Children's Heart Foundation