What’s Next for Aleppo?

Children at our emergency feeding center in the Aleppo countryside

Over the last 72 hours, the situation in Aleppo has been volatile, shocking, and heartbreaking. In a place where very few outsiders have access, getting a clear picture can be difficult. But what is clear is that the situation is dangerous, and civilians are fleeing for their lives.

It’s estimated that 75,000 people have fled Aleppo since Sunday.

For the last several weeks, we have been meeting people in the Aleppo countryside, providing food and sleeping bags for those who are fleeing.

We are serving cooked meals for more than 20,000 people every day. But since Sunday, that hasn’t been enough. More than 45,000 people were in the area we as of last weekend—and thousands more have fled in recent days.

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Last week, when we were “only” providing food for 20,000+ people, we calculated that we’d run out of funding on Christmas Day. And now there are more than twice as many people who desperately need help.

But you are showing up. And we need you to keep showing up.

The stream of people pouring out of Aleppo stalled today as yet another ceasefire crumbled, but it is not stopping. The situation is still incredibly complex and fragile. Yesterday’s ceasefire and evacuation agreement was broken by this morning, with a fresh round of near-constant shelling. There are conflicting reports about what’s happening in the city—how many people are escaping, how many are trapped, who is killing who, and what the civilian death toll is up to now.

We cannot fix this civil war. We cannot end the violence. Yes, we can pray and we should… but we must also act. We CAN help feed and shelter the victims of this brutal conflict.
– Jen Hatmaker

Most reports say the Syrian government has taken all but a very small piece of Eastern Aleppo. Some are making it sound like people could go home and be safe. Other reports suggest that Eastern Aleppo will be uninhabitable for a very long time—due to building damage, possible IEDs, and undetonated shells and bombs.

What we know is this: people keep showing up at our distribution point. With absolutely nothing. They need food and shelter.

We are working tirelessly to increase our efforts, to deliver more food and supplies with the funding you are providing. The need is growing and, thanks to your support, so is our response.

But there is no real end in sight for those fleeing Aleppo—or for those still trapped.

Most sources seem to agree there are still around 50,000 civilians trapped in the last square mile of the city still held by rebels. What will happen to them? Will they stay home and hope to survive? Or will they risk running through the streets with gunfire from both sides, IEDs, mines, and airstrikes?

Whether they stay or run, you are here—ready to serve. Ready to show up. Ready to love anyway.

Thank you for saving lives with us. Please continue to show up for families fleeing Aleppo. This is far from over.

We will continue to update you on our emergency response.

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